This is supposed to be in like, third person I guess, - but I am just not going to do that. My condolences. 

My name is Rachel G, I'm a producer, DJ, rapper, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and bassist from absolutely the middle of nowhere. I've been making music since September of 2010, so I would say it fair to assume I've been at this a while, given at the time of this writing that statement puts the span of my career nearer a decade than I thought possible when I first started. My voice is bold, and I'm about done being slept on, if I must say so.

Moving on; once upon a time, in the magical land of the internet, a bunch of kids, (and by kids I mean teenagers and adults aged 18-30, usually) got together and fangirled over a TV show. The phenomena spread like wildfire through the dry badlands of the internet, and amidst that a bunch of music producers decided they wanted to make music amidst the happenings of the fandom. I started making music there, and it's been a wild and wonderfully weird ride, since. I like to think I bring a new perspective to dance music as a whole. It's not all pounding drums and twisted basslines, it's an experience that has somehow become lost since the turn of the century. 

I was dormant for years, - just producing and promoting online, but I've recently come out of my shell, and started rocking local DJ sets, and I have plenty of plans to expand far, far beyond that. You wanna be the first person to know what's up as soon as I do? Sign up for that mailing list, ocassionally I'll hit up your inbox.

In the meantime, namaste cool, & I'll catch you later. Ciao~

September 2017

September 2017